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personalized pathways to resonating careers

goal clarity

I can help define or refine your career goals.  As we work together, we will balance your personal values and non-negotiables with your professional desires.  Ultimately, I want to support you in outlining the PATHway to your success story.

pathway guidance

Using the PATHway Method, we can develop a tailored approach to meet your professional needs.  The elements of the method have been formulated to address those items that can be the most impactful for your career.

career planning

We will work together to define clear plans of action to help you accomplish your goals.  Leveraging the elements of the PATHways we will discuss, the plan we develop will be custom-tailored WITH you in an effort to balance your personal needs and professional desires.  Depending on our time together, we will have an opportunity to evaluate which techniques resonate the most with you as you implement your action plan in order to refine as we progress.

  • Free Session to Determine how I can Help You

    30 min

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